Total Social Media Outreach


WooFDriver is so proud to be able to have an audience where he is able to spread his celebration of dogs to almost 4 million people on a regular basis.


To support the betterment of Dogs and strengthen the bond between the human/canine relationship which can enhance the lives of all people and communities worldwide.


Social Media

Woofdriver’s goals are to utilize his vast social media reach to help propagate this celebration of dogs as well as provide ways for dogs in need to reach these large audiences. He will continue to build this network to help assist all dogs in need by connecting these audiences through creative fundraising opportunities that he continues to pioneer.

He is in constant pursuit of these goals through:

  • Generating advertising revenue through traffic of his 30 plus websites
  • Sales of dog related books and music he has published (with 100% of profit to these fund raising ventures)
  • Generating additional proceeds with the Wooftrax Walk For A Dog app
  • Increase sales from his DogBFF.org online store
  • Gain sponsorship for his dog adventures (such as DogGeo, Urban Mushing)
  • Encourage support and participation through live musical performances


By using the multitude of informational and entertaining websites we’ve able to spread information to dog lovers around the world and target different interest groups ranging from animal lovers in general to readers that love humorous, fantasy or scary stories. By sharing the wealth of information the WooFDriver as he is gaining the trust of the brand and sharing hours of entertainment with the world.

These websites also help in advertising opportunities for sponsors and sell the WooFDriver's products.

Why you want to be apart of it


By getting involved in this project you are helping the lives of dogs everywhere. You are also helping share the countless hours of entertaining and educational information available to everyone.

You can get involved by liking the WooFDriver on any of his social media avenues listed on this site, and sharing this information with your friends and family.


If you are interested in sponsoring this noble cause, there are several different ways we will advertise your donation. Your logo or picture can be featured on any of our 30+ website according to your desired reach. As well as be associated with social media post that can reach the millions of WooFDriver’s followers. There are additional opportunities at some of his live adventures such as music performances, live broadcasted adventures, and mentioned by hosts on and/or WooFDrivers radio stations

You can also choose to sponsor the WooFDriver on his tours and donate a certain dollar amount per mile he travels. For this type of donation, your name will be advertised while the WooFDriver is touring with the WooFPak and available to be seen by thousands of people.

Please use the contact form on this site you let us know if you are interested